Simple Truths (Redux)

Back in 2014, Andrew Grimm and Dave Hadley recorded an acoustic-y type album featuring guitar and pedal steel... the songs are great... the playing is great... but it suffered from no promotion... so, here we are. 2016, Kurt Celtnieks, long term June Star drummer, complains for the 80th time that there aren't any drums on this record. Studio time was already booked... and Kurt went, all by himself, to write and record the drum parts... Andy Bopp would show up two hours later to record bass, Andrew Grimm would show up two hours to mix.

The results... a really great record... mixed by J Robbins... Mastered at Sun Room Audio by Dan Coutant...


Andrew Grimm: all guitars, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Dave Hadley: pedal steel
Andy Bopp: bass
Kurt Celtnieks: drums and percussion